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So after alot of work to my wife's 2002 Golf 1.9 TDI regarding fuel issues and low power,I'm at whits end and had enough of this thing.
So far I have :
Replaced MAF
Cleaned EGR and Intake
Cleaned N75 Valve
Vacuum Tested and replaced all lines
New FF
Diesel Purge
New SMOG .216 nozzles
Hammer Mod
the list goes on
I used to get QA Upper and Lower Limit faults, CEL's and this is what's leading me to believe it's the pump. After doing the nozzles the car has more power and seems to be better, but when pushe it too far, it bogs down like its starving for fuel?
Now none of the codes come back that indicate the QA, but that doesn't rule it out, it just means the pump is not timed right.
Scanned the car and came up no CEL's.
MAF reads good and REQ vs ACT are in the same range at different rpms.

IQ is set at 3.2 mg/str, it has jumped around to 0 and 8 by itself at idle
Timing is at 48, a little advanced but in spec at NOT.

Wife called me after work and said the car was harder to start,chugging badly and blowing white smoke?

Really not lovin this car right now.

181 Posts
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If the iq is jumping around like that its likely the pump causing it. Does the pump sound louder than it should. Pull the quanity adjuster off and look at the magnet on the bottom side of it. If there is metal on it the pump is on its way out. Mark the quanity adjust so you put it back where it is now. You can have a runaway engine if the QA is put on and the Iq is too low.
Hey there's a familiar name..
I did manage to get the pump to behave like it should, it doesn't make any noise and I compared the IQ to my Jetta and it seems to be on par with the clouding, although the Golf does cloud a little more than the Jetta I suspect it will be fine for a while.
The issue was the Case Pressure Relief valve, the bushing on the end holding the spring and piston in the sleev had come out about 6mm or so, tapped it back in and adjusted the IQ to around 4timing at 65 and 1.8-2 deg BTDC,seems like a new car again.

If it starts acting up again, I will pull the QA and see if there are any particles.
Thanks Krout
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