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2014 Jetta TDI
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Hi all,

Went to change oil on my 14' Jetta (350k km, 275k of which at highway speeds) and found a pile of oil after removing cover. I knew there was an oil cooler leak which I intended to fix at same time but what i'm seeing is on back side. It actually looks like it's "blown" backwards as there is splatter everywhere. From what i can see it looks a lot like it's coming from somewhere under timing belt cover... not ideal. But really, i can't tell as there seems to be oil everywhere. No driving issues, in fact i was just thinking about how awesome this car is running performance and economy wise.

I know i've got some investigation to do, but thought i'd see if anyone here could pass along their experience. Hoping to narrow down the possibilities and save some time on the diagnosis. It's also due for timing belt which i am going to attempt for the first time. Main issue is this is the daily, so pretty anxious about taking it to work tomorrow. I likely haven't provided enough info but if anyone is willing i could sure use some advice and will answer questions as needed.

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