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17105 is output speed sensor circ range/performance. It could have something to do with the wire.

01F409191 is a speedometer sensor, G38, aka transmission output rpm. I can't find G195. If G38 fails, the transmission vehicle speed sensor, it may cause engine limp mode, it's on the left transmission flange. It regulates shifts and is how the ECM gets the speedometer reading.

01V927321B is a transmission speed sender, G182, aka. transmission input rpm. It's in the valve body and reads an input shaft. If it fails the transmission will go into limp.

I don't know what G195 but it's for a sensor. If you call the dealer and ask them for G195 I doubt they'll have any clue. You have to use VW/Audi part numbers when talking to them. Here is more on that: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/VW-Audi-part-numbers-system-explained.htm

In general, 17105 for vehicle speed sensor - there are 3 vehicle speed sensors: G38, G68, and G22. According to the manual, G68 is on top of the valve body (that sounds like G182), and G22 is the transmission output sensor on the left output flange. G22 is for the instrument cluster speedometer and that sounds like G38. Those might be for AWD transmissions, not sure though.
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