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b5 bhw tdi speed sensor limp mode

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Been lurking for a while but here's my first post. I've got a 2005 passat tdi wagon I picked up a year or so ago. Also got the RossTech cable and the Bentley and have done some minor work on it (unrelated).

The wagon goes into limp mode every month and a half or so. Speedometer spikes a few times a week at a standstill. I keep getting the following error showing up from the engine (with varying speed). In this particular instance I was sitting at a stoplight:

16887 - Vehicle Speed Sensor: Signal too High
P0503 - 000 - - - Intermittent
Freeze Frame:
RPM: 840 /min
Torque: 80.0 Nm
Speed: 136.0 km/h
Load: 0.0 %
Voltage: 13.38 V
Bin. Bits: 00001011
Torque: 134.0 Nm
Torque: 0.0 Nm

I also got a transmission error code:

17105 - Transmission Output Speed Sensor (G195): Implausible Signal
P0721 - 003 - Mechanical Failure - Intermittent

And this particular time the car went into limp mode. I didn't have a MIL today but check codes anyway and I got a similar code as the first one (engine) but none on the transmission.

I had similar codes a while back and had a reputable local shop do some work. The first time they supposedly replaced the G195 (part number on the invoice is 01F409191). Worked fine for a month or so then more limp mode. Took it back and they said they missed a sensor and replaced another one (part number 01V927321B). Worked fine a while longer and about every couple of months I get an error code and maybe limp mode. I didn't want to take it back to the shop because honestly I think they'd just replace the same parts and by now we're past warranty.

Based on the part numbers listed above, does anybody know if the right parts were actually replaced? When I call up the dealership asking for the part number for G195 they tell me that it doesn't go on my car. And when I told him the part numbers he couldn't give me a G code for them . . . any hints?

I've got to drive this car several hundred miles over the holidays and while I don't hit limp mode often I'd like to hopefully iron this out . . . thanks for any help!
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17105 is output speed sensor circ range/performance. It could have something to do with the wire.

01F409191 is a speedometer sensor, G38, aka transmission output rpm. I can't find G195. If G38 fails, the transmission vehicle speed sensor, it may cause engine limp mode, it's on the left transmission flange. It regulates shifts and is how the ECM gets the speedometer reading.

01V927321B is a transmission speed sender, G182, aka. transmission input rpm. It's in the valve body and reads an input shaft. If it fails the transmission will go into limp.

I don't know what G195 but it's for a sensor. If you call the dealer and ask them for G195 I doubt they'll have any clue. You have to use VW/Audi part numbers when talking to them. Here is more on that: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/VW-Audi-part-numbers-system-explained.htm

In general, 17105 for vehicle speed sensor - there are 3 vehicle speed sensors: G38, G68, and G22. According to the manual, G68 is on top of the valve body (that sounds like G182), and G22 is the transmission output sensor on the left output flange. G22 is for the instrument cluster speedometer and that sounds like G38. Those might be for AWD transmissions, not sure though.
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Thanks for the info! Really helped me make heads or tails of this stuff. I did some further research and came up with the following.

When I look up G38 in the Bentley I keep seeing it listed as "Transmission Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) G38 / Transmission Output Speed (RPM) Sensor G195", so I will guess that's one part they replaced - 01F409191.

And since they replaced G182 (01V927321B), that leaves me with G68 and G22.

I can see the G22 and will figure out how to pull it, then get the part number and see if replacing it helps. For my car I've been seeing the G22 and G68 listed together a lot as "Speedometer Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) G22 / Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) G68 ". Perhaps in my car they're one in the same?

Thanks again. I'll try to knock this out later in the week and post the results. If replacing the sensor doesn't help then it's on to wiring diagrams and maybe finding some bad wire insulation.
Maybe, I just looked at the parts catalog and they look similar.
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