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b4V steering rack R&R

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I need to replace the steering rack in my B4V. (1996).

I looked at the Bentley and it is not clear. The Bentley manual
says something about removing something behind the pedal
cluster to get to a u-joint. Is this necessary? or can I
get to everything with the subframe dropped down?

I have a harbor freight engine supporting from the top.
Can I now just remove rear most subframe bolts, loosen middle
ones and then just let the subframe open up? Will this
give me access to everything? Thanks.

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The steering column connects to the steering rack with a u-joint. There might be something there blocking it but I'm not sure.
Im looking at changing my rack out this weekend, its a 1996 Passat wagon that I just bought, and I am new to the VW diesel thing. They list two different racks for this car, can they be interchanged? A AF and a TRW. Id rather us the AF unless there is a good reason to use a TRW.

Do you mean ZF?

From what I can tell, the ZF is for VR6 and 16V engines. There's a note that it works for 4 cylinder but my best guess is that it's for the 16V 4 cylinder and many not be for the TDI. Both use different tie rods too.

Here are some pics that should help you both.

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FYI, vagcat is a good source of parts numbers too.
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