Green 96 B4 TDI was my daily driver till 2015 when I got a deal on a used 2002 Jetta Wagon TDI
  • Purchased in 99 with ~50K miles. Well maintained by me till it was taken off the road in 2015 with ~350K miles
  • Not currently running but could be with small effort. New tires in 2014 but now their old from sitting
  • no rust
  • Always Mann or Wix Filters. Oil changed every ~10K miles with Amsoil 5W-40 FS Euro
  • ID-Tech or Dieselgeek timing belt kit changes every 80K miles.
  • Major/minor completed work within 4 years of taking it off the road: rebuilt leaky injector pump, R&R: axles, front/rear wheel bearings, alternator (twice), starter, radiator, oil cooler o-ring, vacuum lines, front window regulators, door handles, and brakes
  • Known issues other than old: no headliner, clutch cylinder leaks, assorted minor electrical, AC elect circuit, window regulators
  • clear title
  • was involved in a rear and side minor accidents. Insurance paid for full repairs on each incident
Blue 97 B4 TDI (~260K miles) was purchased as a parts car from ****'s Autohaus, Wye Mills, MD. Nothing like a parts car when your driving retro
  • Has Sunroof and trailer hitch.
  • not running. minor rust
  • unknown maint history but the turbo is shot and engine questionable as it was run with low oil. Did have it running to drive onto a trailer
  • hasnt been stripped to bad-mainly relays, AC parts, window regulators, and intake manifold
  • salvage title
  • no accidents
  • minor rust
My plan was to rebuild the 97 B4-wanted a vehicle with a sunroof. Pull the good engine and other select parts out of the 96 and get the 97 going. Life got in the way and never got to it. Wife has been bugging me for years to clear out the driveway. She wins. Make me an offer otherwise they go to the junk yard in Dec 2022

Pictures are here:
96 B4 TDI PICS 96 B4 TDI 1Z

97 B4 TDI PICS 97 B4 TDI 1Z