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I'm a prospective new buyer of a 2010 Jetta TDI and have a question about
diesel fuel availability for that car.

The label in the fuel fill area says 'Ultra low-sulfur diesel only'. That raises concerns of its availability and of using the right blend.

1.Is all diesel available at any gas station / truck stop selling diesel now
Ultra low-sulfur diesel?

2. Can I ,for example, pull off the interstate into say a truck stop and use
that diesel? Will it be Ultra low-sulfur or are there different blends
of diesel avaliable? If so are they clearly marked?

3.If there are multiple blends available, how much damage do I cause by using the wrong blend?

I am just unsure on this point.

Any help here is appreciated.


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No worries

All US road diesel is ULSD. I wouldn't worry about availability.

Of course you can use home heating oil or other forms available. You can even render down the blubber of a beached whale if you want... Or blend rendered whale blubber and used French fry grease and have the smell of fish and chips from the tail pipe...

You have more trouble finding 507 VW specification motor oil.

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What are you using to find the lowest diesel prices?

I found that gasbuddy.com does not present a lot of results (SF Bay Area) and some are inaccurate (e.g. people reporting regular gas prices as diesel at stations where there is no diesel sold).
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