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Stick vs DSG

The question on which is better really depends on the driver. I myself am biased towards the stick. Driving a stick is simply so much more engaging and more fun than a automatic. Having ordered an Audi A3 TDI, I am unfortunately stuck with the DSG. :-(

Reading the article, I am comforted by that at the very least the DSG is a good match for the TDI. I just hope the DSG won't be like other standard slush boxes that is always two seconds or so behind where I want to be, or down shifts when I didn't need it to.

So, sport is not TDI's forte, but the Jetta is packed with refinement.
I'm a bit offended by the wording. I know that the author meant that the sport is not Jetta's forte. Diesel engine is not known for its speed, so it's unfair to discount the sporty nature of TDI because of it. Likewise, it would seem to be a driver's unfamiliarity with driving a vehicle with diesel engine vs a gasoline engine that creates a variance in the impression about the TDI's "sporty" nature at straight-line driving. Furthermore, it is the deficiencies in the Jetta's suspension tuning that contributed to the lack of "confidence, engagement and agility", not so much of the TDI. If anything TDI should have been an advantage to be able to provide power during and out of twisties at low RPMs without downshifting, but the Jetta's deficient handling characteristics probably render those advantages unnoticeable if not completely useless.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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