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Anyone ever have a 6 speed DSG Auto trans slip into neutral while driving. I have a 2006 Beetle TDI with 73,000 and on two occassions over the last two weeks had a problem with my transmission slipping into neutral. I had to pull over to the side of the road and turn off the engine, wait a few seconds and re-start the car. The trans then worked OK again. On first occurrance, the slippery road indicator came on. After re-start, the indicator did go out and the trans worked. I can only guess that a trans modulator is going bad and sending a bad signal to the computer. I'll have to check my Bentley manual tonight but I bet this will cost a fortune to repair at the VW dealership.

Any info will be appreciated.

After reading info about the DSG trans, I decided my only option was to take the car to the VW dealership and have them troubleshoot the problem. I'm hoping there's an extended warranty or recall on my trans or this will cost a fortune.

Update: The VW dealership didn't find anything wrong with the trans after test driving and computer diagnostics. I hope the trans doesn't leave me stranded somewhere the next time it decides to slide into nuetral.

Update: ESP light came on and stayed on until I turned off the car. The owners manual suggests fault in ABS or other ESP sensors. Since the VW dealer didn't find anything wrong, I guess I'm going to have to purchase a diagnostic scanner and hopefully pull a fault code. Intermitent problems are always the worst. As my ESP light came on, my trans drive indicator on my dash quickly flashed like a solid bar with P, R, D, N all highlighted. Weird stuff. I hope its just a bad connection somewhere.

The trans slipped into neutral three times this week so I ordered a VAG scan tool today. I should get it by weekend, hook it up and hopefully pull a fault code.

Update: The Roadi RDT45 scan tool immediately revealed trans fault code 18262/P1854 Data Bus Powertrain Hardware Defective. I took the car back to the same VW service department. After three hours, the mechanic told me that it took awhile to get the trans to slip into neutral but it occurred when going in reverse. His scan tool revealed the same fault code. The mechanic made some adjustments probably through his scan tool and erased the fault. He told me that if the trans slips into neutral again the trans mechatronics assy would have to be replaced. Cost $2,000. I would have to have another mechanic double check this before spending $2,000. In addition, since the car is probably only worth $10,000, I'm not going to spend $2,000 to repair it.

At this point, I wish I bought a TDI with manual trans although I see manual trans can also develop problems.

Update 2 May 2011: Informed VW dealership that DSG transmission still slips into neutral. The VW dealership told me they were going to contact their tech support to see if they can help. I also found a firm in Great Britain that claims they can troubleshoot and repair the mechatronics assembly at a fraction of the cost that VW charges, plus a 24 month warranty. I sent them an email and await a return email. VW told me the cost is about $1,200 so over $700 is trans fluid, other minor items and labor. VW warranty is 12 months/12,000 miles.

I have also looked into changing to a 5 speed manual transmission but total cost could exceed the $2,000 VW estimate.

I unfortunately may have to trade my Beetle TDI in for another vehicle as I don't want to spend $2,000 on a $9,500 car. I recommend staying away from DSG transmissions.

3 May 2011: The VW dealership informed me that VWOA will pay half the cost of replacing the mechatronics assembly so I agreed to have them replace the assembly. The British firm is probably legit but I'm safer doing business with the local dealership. I'll stay with the DSG as long as it last but if this mechatronics assembly doesn't last I'll definitely look at installing a manual gearbox.

20 May 2011: VW installed new Mechatronics Assy and the new assy won't work with my computer. My VW Beetle TDI has been deadlined for about five weeks now. VW said they will probably have to order another Mechatronics Assy. I'm expecting it to take a few weeks to get another Mechatronics Assy delivered and several more days to install/test and hopefully repair. Like so many other owners with DSG Mechatronics Assy problems, I really feel like VW has screwed me over as they should have offered complete repair at zero cost plus extended warranty to 100,000 like other models. They also could have offered to install a manual tranny at no cost. In addition, VW should have offered a free rental car during the repair period. It's obvious this transmission was not ready for prime time!

23 MAY 2011: The VW dealership told me the mechanic found a loose cable in the Mechatronics Assy and a second assy need not be ordered. Beetle finally repaired.

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