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Audi TT / Golf R32 lower control arm swap up

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This is another option for replacing the spindle with a 1.8T/VR6 spindle if you want to use bigger brakes.

The spindle alone is helpful if you have a lowered car but it does not have adjustable camber.

The spindle and lower control arm swap gives you adjustable camber but the LCA needs a nub drilled and tapped to place the sway bar endlinks. If it doesn't have the nub, you have to use Audi TT /Golf R32 struts to mount the endlinks.

It can be viewed in the FAQ sheet at the top or here: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/a4/audittspindle.htm
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How does the LCA compare to just getting camber plates? It seems like the camber plates are a lot less labor intensive.
Adjustable camber plates will give you a rougher ride. A new LCA will give the benefits of adjustable camber and also gives you better bushings on the suspension arm. Your suspnsion bushings are probably worn out if your car has high miles, so it might be worth it.
LCA cost a lot more, camber plates is a quicker solution.

I would still do LCA but unless you want,....need a much better suspension, you are lowered, etc., it's a moot point since you just need the 1.8T/VR6 setup.
Cool, right now my car is stock but I want to make it into a Golf GTI with a diesel engine.
Anti-sway bars, shocks/struts, and some suspension bushings will do a lot to improve handling.

The golf GTI suspension is very similar to ours, I think what you mean is you want an Audi TT/ VW Golf R32 suspension. And remember that they have independant rear suspensions so that helps a lot with handing too.
Didn't the GTI have the independant rear suspension and the additional stuff?
No, the R32 did, along with msome other Audi TT parts. The GTI didn't.
The mk4 platform has a lot of life in it , just because there's a huge aftermarket. If I were you, I would take care of the car and do what you want. The LCA swap won't decrease reliability in any way, and depending on your mileage, you could gain quite a bit of handling.

But don't think that it's an economy mod, obviously you won't make back your investment in the car.
Another interesting revelation, the control arm bushings on all mk3 and a4 tdi are the same. But not the same as version 1 audi tt bushings, which were smaller.


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They don't make the earlier parts because they were discontinued under recall. The Audi TTs had the suspension tweaked to increase high speed stability and understeer. The new part number is the same as the mk4 part number. I'm not sure it it's the actual same part though.
update: it's not the same part number, the Audi TT/VW R32 uses a stiffer bushing than the other VWs but it will physically fit into your control arm.
It's cool that it will work in the other cars.
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