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Hello All,

Recently acquired 2005 ( Dec model) A4 avant ( 101,000 miles). Now in garage and having great difficulty in getting it back on the road again ( and close to pulling the remaining bits of my hair out in despair!).

Oil pressure failure has been diagnosed due to failure in oil pump balancing shaft. turbo blew as result. IMy engine is BLB engine WAUZZZ 8E 6A059502 Advice suggested to me:

(a) Acquire Modification kit + Turbo ( cost approx €3000 + labour) or
(b) replace engine entirely (€1300 + labour) but be sure that it's a later engine model to avoid same issues down the line again.

(b) looks like best option as it is less expensive and avoids any risk under (a) arising from secondary engine damage sustained at time of oil pump balanacing shaft failure.

Problem is to source an used engine with the "spur gear drive "as opposed to the "chain drive" that is in my damaged engine.

Can anyone offer simple or straightforward engine identification that I can give to engine dismantlers so that I know I am getting the "improved" engine as opposed to simply getting same type of engine that had the design flaw in the first place?

Is there an engine code i should look for that readilly indicates that it has "spur gear "and not "chain drive"?

I was told that all BLB engines have the same design flaw ( i.e. chain drive oil system). Is this true?

Someone else told me a BRE engine from 2007 onwards will solve my probelm. Is that accurate?

Can someone help a thoroughly browned off audi motorist who is the subject of a lot of seemingly conflicting advice!

Thank you.

Thank you.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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