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Hello All,

Recently acquired 2005 ( Dec model) A4 avant ( 101,000 miles). Now in garage and having great difficulty in getting it back on the road again ( and close to pulling the remaining bits of my hair out in despair!).

Oil pressure failure has been diagnosed due to failure in oil pump balancing shaft. turbo blew as result. IMy engine is BLB engine WAUZZZ 8E 6A059502 Advice suggested to me:

(a) Acquire Modification kit + Turbo ( cost approx €3000 + labour) or
(b) replace engine entirely (€1300 + labour) but be sure that it's a later engine model to avoid same issues down the line again.

(b) looks like best option as it is less expensive and avoids any risk under (a) arising from secondary engine damage sustained at time of oil pump balanacing shaft failure.

Problem is to source an used engine with the "spur gear drive "as opposed to the "chain drive" that is in my damaged engine.

Can anyone offer simple or straightforward engine identification that I can give to engine dismantlers so that I know I am getting the "improved" engine as opposed to simply getting same type of engine that had the design flaw in the first place?

Is there an engine code i should look for that readilly indicates that it has "spur gear "and not "chain drive"?

I was told that all BLB engines have the same design flaw ( i.e. chain drive oil system). Is this true?

Someone else told me a BRE engine from 2007 onwards will solve my probelm. Is that accurate?

Can someone help a thoroughly browned off audi motorist who is the subject of a lot of seemingly conflicting advice!

Thank you.

Thank you.
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Welcome to the forum Vincent. welcometomyturbodies

We had a post recently talking about the oil pump drive chain, whether there is anything in there thats useful? ;)

oil pump failure 2.0lt diesel o5 audi

well vincent, good and bad news,the later engine with the "spur gear" also has a problem with premature failure with the same end result,ie. loss of oil pressure. Main dealers no longer seem to be able to supply parts to repair the older chain drive? and will try sell you an upgrade to the later spur gear which involves changing balancer shaft assembly (1300 euro for parts, ouch!), but I have seen some aftermarket chain kits to repair existing chaindrive (I think the kit may even have oem parts?)this was about 300 euro.
If your turbo has failed and possibly tandem pump (brake pedal goes hard due to lack of vacuum)
then your engine must have been driven without oil pressure for some time, so before you spend several thousand euro on turbo/oil pump gears and labour? bear in mind that the rest of engine may have been damaged due to oil starvation, (ie.crankshaft/bearings and cylinder head/camshafts).
I don't know if you were planning to do this job yourself and what mechanical experience you have, but its not the simplist of jobs, theres alot of stripping of parts to gain the necessary access and specialist tools required , you will need to degas aircon, remove complete front nose section of car (including lights,radiator front panel etc) then timing marks on cambelt need to aligned prior to removal.then undo engine mounts and lift engine as high as it will go, then you will need to lower front subframe (mark its position with tipex or paint as it has a fair bit of movement and you will end up with a car with steering pull , leave rear bolts loose in place to support frame) only then will you have enough clearance to remove sump and front oil seal housing. then you will need to remove old gear from crankshaft ,they recommend using special pullers, but I find it easier to cut gear with one of those really thin cutting discs on a 4" angle grinder (cover everything to prevent swarf getting everywhere and wash down afterwards with brake,carb cleaner. the new gear has to be heated before fitting as it is an interferrance fit, so make sure its hot enough as it will cool rapidly when put in contact with crankshaft .
The balancer shafts need to be timed to crankshaft with special tool (else you get nasty vibration in engine)
Now you can see if you remember how it all goes back together, you might as well change the timing belt and rollers while you're in there, still fancy doing the job ? if not at least you know why the labour cost will be so high. Ha!!!
If you do get someone else to do job make sure they know whats involved, I've seen quite a few cars repaired by garages well out of their depth, which went "BANG!"
Hope this helps and has'nt depressed you too much.
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David, Do you have any more info on the aftermarket chain kit you referred to as I'm also driving a 2.0 TDI A4 Avant with the BLB engine.

I've got to do a timing belt change soon and while I'm there I'd like to do a bit of research into options for some pre-emptive maintenance on the oil pump chain drive - given the implications of a premature failure.
2.0 tdi chain drive oil pump repair kit

2.0 tdi chain drive oil pump repair kit available from "Powermax Engineering" tel:028 867 62073 or email powermaxengineering.com .
All parts appear to be OEM except crank sprocket which looks aftermarket?, but hey can't be any worse than original can it? kit costs £345+vat, or all parts available individually.
The kit includes crank and oil pump sprockets,chain and guide tensioner.
NB: while on the subject, you need to check the hex drive inside the oil pump as the hex drive rounds off and slips while under load causing the same problem with loss of oil pressure, I had one of these recently, could,nt see cause of lack of oil pressure, all gears in good condition, but when I pulled front cover off oil pump hex shaft badly worn and also worn inside of balancer shaft, this was on the later engine with modified spur gear. Hope this of some help.
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Great, many thanks. Will check it out.:thumbsup
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