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Audi A4 Oil level rising

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Hello to all, I'm new here and I need some help. My car: A4 2.0 TDI,BPW, multitronic, 2007
I saw that the oil level is rising after DPF regeneration, about 3-5 mm on the dipstick. I noticed that a few months ago and since then I checked oil level every day. After oil change the level is ok for a few hundred km. until an active regeneration. My mechanic replaced the tandem pump and the injector’s gaskets but the problem is not solved.
Do you heard about this problem on 2.0 TDI’s?
Any ideas are welcome, thank you.
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It's possible that when the car does an active regeneration, that some of the fuel is not vaporized correctly and ends up in the crankcase, diluting the oil. Diesel fuel will slowly evaporate but I'm not sure if it would create as much as 3-5mm. This is just a guess that is what's happening on your car because you say it's related to the regen.

Look through the FAQ section for more on the DPF.
Well this problem is common with a petrol engine that only does short journeys using a lot of cold starts. On a diesel it shouldn't happen. The speed of a diesel engine only varies with the amount of fuel injected as it has a full charge of air at all times. The turbo increases the volume of air so more fuel can be injected and more power gained. If the fuel injected doesn't atomize properly then that will show as black smoke out the back.

The DPF regeneration just cleans the excess soot as far as I know so why should that increase the oil level?

The Diesel Particulate Filter

The only other action for an increased oil level is water is getting in from the cooling system. As you may know oil and water don't mixed so the oil will emulsify and therfore turning the oil milky in colour. Are you loosing any coolant?

Do you only do short journeys tournier? The DPF light would normally come on have you seen this? ;)
The DPF regeneration just cleans the excess soot as far as I know so why should that increase the oil level?
If the fuel doesn't fully vaporize it ends up as liquid which ends up either burning up in the next combustion cycle or dripping into the crankcase. I don't know if it would raise the level so much that it's noticeable on the dipstick.

This is a problem with the current method of DPF post injection combustion. It's worse with biodiesel which is why VW's recommendation of B5 maximum might actually have a reason this time. One way to get around it is a 5th fuel injector in the exhaust so that the post injection combustion fuel no longer occurs in the engine, but in the exhaust. It also lets you move the DPF around.

The reason it's not done is additional cost and complexity. VW also tried a similar system in the 1996 North American Passat which resulted in complete fail.
I’m sure that oil is not mixing with coolant. The coolant level is ok, the oil is not milky.
I asked 5 or 6 mechanics for an opinion regarding this problem. Everyone agreed that is pretty triky defect. So every time when my mechanic replaced one part (tandem pump, injectors, injector’s gaskets and finally the head) I start checking oil level every morning.
For example when the head was replaced, the oil level was ok for ~480 km (4 trips x ~120 km). Then the DPF warning was on. I drove about 10 min. on “Sâ€￾ (multitronic gearbox) at 2000 rot/min to regenerate the DPF. The regeneration was successful, the DPF warning goes off. Next morning when I checked the oil level was high.
Whats the mileage on this vehicle? And it doesn't black smoke? ;)
Mileage: 110000 km, no black smoke
I've the same problem. My car: A4 Avant 2.0 TDI BPW engine code multitronic 2007
Can someona give me a solution?
I've the same problem. My car: A4 Avant 2.0 TDI BPW engine code multitronic 2007
Can someona give me a solution?
does it have a DPF?

The oil level is rising?

recent maintenance or any other problems?
Hi, the car has Diesel Particulate Filter. When the car had 103.000 km and after urban use during 6.000 km the oil increase around 2 liters until the car made a white smoke and I went to the garage.
First, they changed the inyector’s gaskets but the problem continue.

During the warranty time, the DPF was changed when the car had 53.000 km. I bought the car with 58.000 km.

I have a Audi internal communication about the problem of my car which the Audi Technician says that this problem in BPW engine code (2.0 tdi 8v) is usual after urban use of the car. I’ve speak with my lawyer and if they given’t a solution I’m going to the law whith this internal communication…
Now the car is in the garage again because Audi “wants†to arrange the problem…

All the maintenance in time in official Audi garages...
My oil level has been rising recently since hitting 150k miles. My Seat Alhambra TDi Ecomotive has a dpf filter that is now needing me to do static regens to get rid of the warning light and reset. At first I thought it was the raised oil level that had set off the dpf warning but I actually think it may be the other way round. The constent DPF regeneration failed attempts may be what's causing the oil to rise. I did have the injector seals replaced first as thought that was the reason but it has made no difference.
The problem with this situation is that at present there does not seem to be enough information on this issue and the effects dpf filters have on diesel engines. If the dpf is going to wreck my engine after only doing 150k miles then the damage to the environment has not been saved by having a dpf filter by needing to replace the car prematurely.
For some crazy reason replacing a dpf filter is very expensive and so not something anyone wants to do unless they really find out they need to. By this time the damage may have already been done especially if the engine ends up running away with itself if the oil has risen to high. Diesel engine runaway may just start to get more common in the next few years leading to an increased risk of fatal accidents. Lucky for me my warning light alerted me something was wrong, however it was not the oil level, only noticed this later when I done my oil change and found it had increased by almost 2 liters.
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