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Audi A4 immobiliser problems?

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Hi All,
I have just been offered a 1997/8 Audi A4 1.9 TDI from a mate of mine as it's a non runner. I had a look over the car today and I think that the problem of 'starting only for a second' is related to the immobiliser. I have looked inside the fob and it's missing the chip, important part, and its his only key. The local garage told me to take it to an Audi dealer to buy a key/ chip and then let them reprogram. This sounds a little expensive but a definate solution, the only thing is that I need to rent a tow truck to take it there. Is there a way of starting it long enough to drive to the Audi dealerships?
Thanks in advance
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How could it be missing the chip? It's glued in there and would have required someone to dig it out.

Immo 2 cars had an emergency bypass but you still have to know the SKC number. Take a look at the immobilizer FAQ and see if you can find the SKC number. However, your car has immo1 which we did not have in North America so I don't know much about it.

BEFORE you buy a new key, have the car scanned for error codes to see if it really is the immobilizer. The cheapest way to get a new key is to buy one online using your VIN number so that it comes already cut. Then the dealer will only have to program it.
97 might not have and immo. Does it have the immo light in the cluster that comes on? If not it may be a non immo car.
That will have an early version immo. They are easier to read the code. Check with a local locksmith, he may have the capability to read and encode keys, and will probably come to you.
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