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Audi A4 avant quattro 170bhp has only done 28000 miles,. just out of warranty. Main Dealer states that soot build up requires new EGR VALVE and regeneration of DPF at cost of £600 plus. Any advice from people with experience of these matters.

Thanks Joe

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If your engine is like the US engines, the EGR valve should be easy to replace. Look at the intake manifold on the engine. There are 2 valves. 1 is like a throttle, the other is EGR. They may be part of the same unit. I'm surprised that a 1997 has a DPF filter. Maybe they meant that the intake manifold is clogged. In that case you can remove and clean it.

We didn't have that engine in the US but here are 2 similar engines which may give you a better idea of what they're talking about or if you decide to clean it yourself:


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