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audi a4 awx less powerful

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hello i am new to the forum and i have problem with my audi a4 b6 1.9 tdi awx it have 30% less power than it should have. I checked turbo and the variable geometry no problem, with maf disconnected its less powerful. On diagnostic its not showing errors, no smoke from the exaust engine starts almost wihout cranking no weird sounds from the engine, what can be the problem ....sorry for my english im from macedonia
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What year is the car?

Try datalogging the MAF sensor and see what kind of number it gives once fully warmed up and full throttle.

Have you checked the simple things like the fuel filter and air filter? Take a look at the low power checklist in the FAQ setion as well.

You do not need to unplug the battery to reset the ECU.

You can only get the radio code by removing the radio and finding the serial number. Then you can go to the dealer for the code.
If the sensor is bad the new sensor will let it run ok right away.
Clogged catalytic converter? You can test this by disconnecting the exhaust.
Yep, totally beat up. It should cause some idle problems but I'm not sure it would cause such a huge power loss. I would have removed the valve cover to inspect it before removing the turbo but at least you have rule that out.

Also post moved to general since it's way beyond a quick intro.
Take a look at this article for the replacement: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/multi/camshaft-inspection-replace-vw-tdi.htm Yes you have to also change lifters and bearings and stretch bolts.
I certainly sympathize with you here, but am out of ideas. Exhaust or intake clogging? Start from the beginning and double check?
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