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A3 TDI Test drive

We drove the A3 TDI Saturday white with black leather, sunroof cold weather package no NAV, Are first impression was the body style was out dated setting next to the Audi A4, A5, I set in the back seat first I had to turn my feet side ways to get them in the floor as the front seat was all the way back but once the front seat was moved forward a few inches all was fine, Getting in the driver’s seat was ok as I had to move the seat forward about 2â€￾ from the full rear position to be comfortable. The steering wheel latch mechanism was a joke I had to reach between my legs to get to it while sitting there very awkward, The German that design this should be shot, It needs to be relocated to the left side of the steering column, We also did not have enough up and down travel for are needs, Next the gas pedal was tight there was only an 1.5â€￾ between the brake pedal and the fire wall that I did not like, I am 6’2â€￾ and after seated I had enough room the seat were very comfortable The interior was of high quality but not fancy the knobs and buttons where very nice Air vents where very high quality best I have seen, there was no Navigation in the test car so I could not test it very stupid on their part people are going to want to see it but it is in the wrong place it sits to low in the dash it needs to be up higher so while driving you could glance over at it and not look down very dangerous, This dash lay out is old and needs to be updated for modern gadgets instead it just pops in the radio place as an afterthought, The Gages were really nice with the multi function display in the center all though we could not get it to work as it just displayed insert phone the salesman did not know anything about it either, In all the interior was nice but not fancy it should stand out some from a VW bur did not, Driving was nice, very tight and quite Power was adequate and the transmission was top notch, The salesman said they have had it for 14 days and that we where the first to drive it I was shocked, It only had 13 mile on it when we drove it and we both put 5 mile a piece on it so I guess he was telling the truth, He all so said that this car is for sale and could buy it to day but they where obligated to have it for test drives for 60 days and would make a good deal on it, In all it is a good car with a outdated body style and few quirks inside, It just did not pass are test in the looks department we will pass it up and wait for and updated body style or an A3 sedan or a A4 TDI, The high MPG is what's luring us to this car but it just is not worth it. After that My wife wanted to look at some car that had just been reworked and had just come out for 2010 A Buick Lacrosse so we drove down the block and took a look Holy crap have any of you seen this thing Body styling was outstanding and the interior styling was out of this world and very high quality and fancy blows Audi’s away comes in FWD and All wheel drive both 27MPG and later with 30 MPG and a 35MPG Hybrid in 2011, We will see what happens with this car as there is nothing we dislike other then the MPG, And We have found in the past if you absolutely don’t like everything about a car then don’t buy .
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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