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audi a3 tdi 2005 egr fault

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had problems with my car a few months ago and the ecu died (water damage)

changed ecu, not long after mil light came on

fault was egr valve insufficient flow

egr was replaced and mil light reset

within a few days light was back on same fault

egr was swapped again incase new one was faulty

light came back on ,reset mil light again

now mil light comes on randomly within around 10 miles of running car good job i have vcds

also changed maf sensor for a new bosch unit ,mil light came back on again

what else can i try ??

was going to login and check adaption values for egr but cant remember security login code .

fed up of driving around with laptop in car just to have to reset that annoying mil light
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The login code is 12233. Check the intake manifold flap. Sometimes the gears strip and the flap fails.
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