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Hi I’m new to the forum hoping to get a bit of advice.
My girlfriends A1 has intermittent issues with rough idle. Not always when cold, sometimes when hot and sometimes it runs perfectly for a few days. At junctions it will surge or be gutless so it’s not ideal.
When she last had it serviced they suggested it may be the injectors. But could not be sure. Obviously an expensive experiment if that’s not the cause.
No fault codes, no EML etc. It has got no worse.
I have been googling which has brought me here!
is it possible that a diesel purge could be of benefit in this situation? The car is on 88k miles now.
Its the CAYC engine I think.
if it is possible my understanding of the process is:
Pull fuse on fuel pump
take off the inlet hose and the outlet hose from the fuel rail
fit a temporary hose from the outlet which will go into the jar of Diesel Purge
fit a temporary hose with inline filter which will go from jar of DP to inlet of fuel rail
fill the jar will DP
run engine with varying revs and make sure DP dosent run out

I have not been able to find a video with the same 3 hoses from the fuel filter (see pic) as I have seen some people join 2 of the hoses together too.
Sorry this a bit long, I’m no expert but always willing to give things a go myself.
thanks in advance


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You think is CAYC?

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Manufacturer: Audi, Date(s) Used: 05/2010-04/2015, Model: Audi A1, Engine Code: CAYC, 77Kw, 105PS, 1.6 Ltr, 4 Cyls, Remarks: Turbocharged Direct Injection Common Rail (TDI-CR) 16v Timing belt

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Hi Keith,
I just added an intro post.

Im not sure what the garage where the service was done used to scan the car, it wasn’t an Audi main dealer. So maybe a generic scan tool.
I have used OBDeleven myself which showed no errors and the EML has never come up.

It is a CAYC, just checked again on the OBD11 app.

I think a diesel purge has got to be worth a try if it’s possible to do it on this car. I have read good feedback from people who have tried it.

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