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Hi All,

I was after some guidance on the above conversion. I know most people would say that it is easier to go and buy a PD car to begin with but I have a clean shell that has had a fair bit of work done to it already and the current engine is shot.

I have already got going on the conversion and have got the following done so far:
replaced in tank fuel pump and fuel lines inc adding the fuel cooler
changed over to the 6 spd shifter
fitted the PD loom from fuse box to ecu and ecu to engine

The rest of the conversion is pretty much a straight forward bolt in conversion but here is where I need your help. I cannot find any useful guides to this conversion as most people go of topic and try and justify why you should stick with the ASV.

Although I have swapped out the two sections of loom I wanted to double check if it was as easy as that or do I need to add any wires or splice into the loom or is it a straight plug and play?

Secondly, The original in tank pump was a two wire setup and the PD is a four wire, any idea on which plug on the fuse box I need to add the wires to as I am hoping to just add the two additional wires as opposed to changing the entire loom?

I will not be changing the clocks or key but will be using an unlocked ECU

And are there any other factors to consider for the conversion

Your help will be much appreciated

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Manufacturer: Skoda, Date(s) Used: 09/2002-09/2004, Model: Octavia, Engine Code: ASZ, 96Kw, 131PS, 1.9 Ltr, 4 Cyls, Remarks: Turbocharged Direct Injection Pumpe Düse (TDI-PD) EU3 Timing belt

Those engine codes are used in quite a few VAG models.

Any problems search TDI Wiki as that covers write ups and forum posts.

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There's another relay in the fuse box for the pump, not sure which off hand though. Best bet would maybe be to get both haynes manuals, one for PD130 golf and one for your skoda, then you'll have all the wiring diagrams.

I've only seen people going from like the PD115 to the 130/150 lump.

Edition 38 forum has a lot of people sticking the PD130\150 lumps in the mk2 as well, might fond some info there.
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