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Hi everyone. Hope I can find someone to clear up the murky world of injectors.
I have an old Golf plus 1.9tdi 105bhp 2005 BXE coded car with 150k on clock. Had some issues recently but hopefully close to getting it back on the road. I have had some issues since a turbo rebuild. Recently a mechanic /garage told me the turbo vac numbers and all checks were "perfect" but the problem was likely an injector. Trying to be cheap, I decided to buy a new seal kit and carefully cleaned them with the EGR cleaner and one of the red wd40 spray tubes to replicate some spray. The amount of carbon that came out of them was unbelievable and I was optimistic a job was well done. Unfortunately it's been running dog ugly since and It's got to the point it's been off the road for a week or so as it won't rev. As it's old and not financially viable to spend loads on it ,we've done lots of work ourselves. Anyway ill get to the point...we have identified that it's somehow running on 2. Injector 1 and 2 are fine. However idling badly and no revs so can't drive. And after some checks it's 3 and 4 (as in the 2 injectors on the right hand side opposite side to cambelt) that have voltage at connectors but they are not fueling it seems. It has a full service history and they are original. So they've done 50k miles more than designed. Looking online it seems the PD Bosch injector is very common for lots of VAG group vehicles of this era from the polo to the T5 van and they all look identical but there seems to be loads of part numbers although they all look identical. Am I wrong to assume this is another VW group red herring where all these codes are often a load of nonsense? Like when we went hunting a recon gearbox a few years back, only to be told by the recon centre that there are about 50 different codes but only the 1 5 speed box for all of them so the engine codes often just confuse. I would assume that the injector tips may well be different as designed for fueling vehicles of different engine sizes and bhp etc but surely any mk5 1.9tdi injector is the same? Or even any vag group car with the 1.9tdi engine is the same? If anyone has experience of using recon injectors, and can confirm they are literally all the same, id appreciate to hear from you. I just can't see why they'd make literally dozens of different injectors yet they are all the same dimensions and design. Surely they're just the same? Considering the injector is just a plug and play and doesn't need any coding, just the very simple 180degree wind back with Allen key before locking down with a spanner on the rocker. Seems a crazy manufacturing nightmare to do so many different types and that's surely not clever or streamlined cost effective. But what do I know hence this question.
Also what is the process of reconditioning injectors? I assume it's what I've already done with the gromit kit but tips too? If there isn't anything else,would it make sense to just buy a genuine Bosch tip set and replace all 4?
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