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Anyone tried Liqui Moly's DPF cleaning kit?

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In the process of considering my options. My DPF is clogged - 46g of soot measured so no force regen options. I ran into the Liqui Moly DPF cleaning kit and wonder if it might do the trick to free up enough soot to do a manual regen.

Anyone have experience or heard anything regarding its effectiveness?
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Hi, I spoke to a old mechanic the other day and he made it clear that Mr muscle oven cleaner is any tdi driver's best friend. At first I thought its only talk until I tried it. You have to be patient. I used a WD40 nossel to get the stuff in the outlet manifold. Let it rest for about 4-6 hours and the start the engine. I took it out on a country road and drove the hell out of it. A few black smoke clouds and then freedom. It cleans everything from the engine to the exhaust.

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I used it with fantastic results. I used a cheap garden sprayer and put the separate chemicals (following the instructions) in via the dpf pressure sensor hose.

Be warned: when you get done you might find other issues pop up. I had a bad downstream O2 sensor - I removed it, put it in some cheap fuel injector cleaner and strapped the bowl to an orbital sander for several hours, reinstalled the sensor and it worked great. Next issue was the NOX cat wouldn't regen - I removed it, cleaned it with a foaming carpet cleaner from walmart, water from the garden hose, and shop air to blow it all out. I foamed it up, rinsed it out, and blew air through it several times until I could finally see some light coming through from the other end. Installed it on the car and it regen'd without issue.

I had some upstream issues that had to be resolved prior to all of this - generally speaking, if something is wrong with the intake, fuel, or exhaust, the computer will not allow a regen. So check codes and make repairs or the computer will never let you regen the DPF or NOX cat...I've since done 10k+ miles - 2012 JSW TDI w/DSG, paid $2500 for a salvage title. Around $2k later for various body panels and parts and we've got a handy daily wagon with a rebuilt title.
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