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Anyone know When and if Golf BlueMotion to be introduced in US

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I am new to the forum and this site which I have found to contain more information than my local VW salesman had. Great website.

My questions:
Anyone know WHEN and IF Golf BlueMotion to be introduced in US?

Anyone Know if Adaptive Chassis Control will be offered on 2010 Golfs in the US? How Much?

thanks for reading.
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The Golf TDI should be here in winter 2009. The Bluemotion name will not come to the US, at least for the near future. They're just calling it the TDI.

Adaptive Chassis Control is not offered in the US. In the UK it costs 705 Pounds. It would be very difficult to retrofit it.
Too Bad on both accounts.
Bluemotion in Europe is the most efficient TDI model (out of many choices). IIRC, some of the Bluemotions had special bumpers or other tweaks for added efficiency, all we get is the same spec TDI engines.
Further Comments of above

Hope VW is not becoming the new GM of the world. GM KNOWS WHAT AMERICANS WANT and will build it that way or so they thought. What's the expression. "Whats good for general bullmoose is what is good for the world"??
They want to become the next Toyota...still better than the next GM.
They don't think people will spend a lot on small cars - the mini cooper sells well right?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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