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anyone buy off ebay?

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I've seen some good cars and I know there's an "ebay" guarantee, but is it worth anything?
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I wouldn't. I don't know the ebay guarantee but if the car turns out not as described will you get your money back? I bet not. Just use your local classifieds, autotrader, craigslist, etc. for a big purchase like a car. Would you buy a house over ebay?
I use ebay a lot, if you read the fine print I think there's a guarantee on some condition for up to 10 year old cars. In other words, if the guy says there's no rust on the body on a 96 and you discover some rust on a panel, too bad. If the model is a 2000 and less than 10 years old then you have some guarantees. You just have to go through the buyer guarantee.

PS, some people have bought homes over ebay and I've known people who bought homes at auction with only a picture.
The only way that I would buy a car over ebay is if it were close and I already saw it. Unless it's a really good deal (like a decent house for super cheap), I wouldn't buy a big dollar item unless I saw it in person. At worst, it's a scam and you lose the money.
IMO, if you are dealing with a car dealer they are pretty good about it if they still want to sell cars. Also check for high positive feedback.

I have bought cars on E-Bay and have found that you need to educate yourself as to features that you want and milage that is acceptable to you. Should my 96 deville get totaled I would certainly get myself another from E-Bay as I would wait till I could get a low mile at my price. Thanks eric Davis AKA cadman1940 03 jetta & 96 Deville
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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