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any writeups on front wheel bearing (95-97 passat)

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I'm getting ready to do the wheel bearing on the front right of my 96 passat tdi. looking at the Bentley the bearing part appears to be what one would expect.

I'm a bit concerned on the removal of the wheel bearing housing and how it attaches to the suspension. I'm debating doing this job at home with decent tools (and time) or taking to my work facility with million dollar equipment but and hour away. if I get into trouble at work (and have to order parts) I really have no way to get home!

So any write-up on the bearing procedure with details on the bearing housing removal, install and/or suspension adjustments would be helpful. As we know the Bentley DVD can leave a bit to be desired in usefulness.

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I don't know your tools but from what I see it's nothing unusual. Standard mcpherson strut. The only thing is the axle nut that holds the axle in place is a large size. Sorry, no writeup :( but if you want to take pics then it could help others.
I'm never messed with front struts. Am I going to need to compress that strut like a rear shock and take the tension off it to unbolt the hub carrier? I've got about any tool I need from work.

As for the nut I thought I have a good set of sockets but now I see Bentley calls it a 12 point and I've never seen one that big!

Most of my cars over the years have never had such an integrated system that appears to be the norm on a few German cars I've looked at. Most bearings I've done come off and are not pressed.

If I'm understanding the components from the Bentley images do I simply need to mark bolts/locations on the carrier housing so that there is no alignment needs post surgery?
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