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Any members from northern NY

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Any members from northern New York? We may be able to help each other and avoid the VW dealership on costly repairs which are not completed to standard.

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Are there any good VW service departments in the Kingston area? The VW dealership service dept in Watertown NY has gone to hell. After fixing my DSG tranny over a month ago, the one and only certified mechanic failed to re-install my plastic skid plate and left wheel well panel. They gave me back the skid plate today but still owe me a left panel. I don't understand why the mechanic just can't tag things when removing to perform maintenance. I have a lot of patience and understanding for dealership mechanics especially when there's only one but my patience ran out today. Bottom line, its not the customer's problem when a service dept has only one mechanic. This dealership has sold hundreds of VWs in the last six years and they shouldn't have put themselves in such a position as to have only one mechanic. I understand most young people today don't want to be a mechanic. I even try to get my own sons out in the driveway with me and learn but they have no interest. Today's generation sure is different from my generation. I believe someone recently wrote a book about this. Everyone wants a cushiony office job and our societies are running out of skilled tradesmen. Schools brainwash the kids into thinking they will only be successful with a BA/BS degree or higher. Nobody wants to be an electrician, plumber, carpenter or mechanic. For me, I'm just too old to turn wrenches every day; my eyes are pretty bad; and my hands cramp up frequently. But I still trust my skills and expereince over most mechanics not because I'm better but I can stay focused on just my car and dealership mechanics are under a lot of pressure to work on five cars at the same time. When I complained about failing to meet the standard, the shop foreman asked what was my standard. I explained to the wise guy that there is one standard, not my standard, not his standard but the standard outlined in the service manual. His response, "We haven't used that standard in years". My exact point. Does anyone use manuals and complete jobs correctly anymore? I'm glad I decided to do a 100,000 service including the timing belt myself. Everything was done correctly with all parts re-installed.

I hope I can avoid doing business with this service dept after tomorrow and if I have to take my cars to Syracuse, Waterloo or even Kingston, so be it!

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Suggestion: Any time you take your car to the local VW dealership for repair work, you should do a QC inspection after the service dept claims they completed the work. They have a new shop foreman and service managers but do they do their jobs as QC inspectors? I suggest they don't. When a shop has a single VW mechanic and he is over worked, bad things can happen. Perhaps the service dept will get additional mechanics when they move across the street and conditions are bound to improve. I feel bad for the single mechanic. I hope they pay him well.
I'm too old to start my own business and although my sons are car crazy, they don't want to turn wrenches (new generation). If I loose my present job, I may be forced to do something to survival. There are so many VWs in this area. Gaining new customers would not be a problem. Too much of an initial investment. If my sons were mechanics, I'd do it. People have urged me for years to open my own shop. Unfortunately, my dexterity and eye sight has become worse over the last five years. Age catching up! If anyone in my area needs any help, I'm here. I'm also a fully certified NY State basketball coach and looking for a team to coach.
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