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Recently purchased 2010 Golf TDi wagon (Highline), with 48,000 km, manual. Paid close to the 2011 list price (new) - off a Toronto area VW dealer's lot - ad in AutoTrader. I guess they're not easily found.
Hopefully it will provide many km of reliable service for a retired N. Ont. driver, and I won't have to check the forum too often for help.
I have previously owned a 2005 Passat, 2003 Passat, 1963 Bug, and a 1953 Bug (with split rear window, and the neat swing-out signal lights located on post behind side door windows). I replaced the engine in that VW, to get me through school, when I could then afford a 1.6L Bug, with a gas heater. What luxury! But sure not very efficient, when I noticed the way it could melt ice and snow when stopped for a few minutes. Many more improvements in 40 years, when I got smart again an got a Passat - real luxury!
Unless I have a real surprise now, I will probably stay with the brand.
Wish me luck!
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