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Another Bites the Dust

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My first post and what a way to start. Well My 2005 Passat TDI had an increased vibration 12k miles after the BSM Upgrade. I read thru posts on Tdiclub and with all I had gleaned my stomach became very tense. Well I decided ok its my CV joints. I had replaced them with Raxles. That worked for about 5k miles them the vibration increased again. So I checked my cam and noted some loss of the bevel on a few lobes. Well I finally confirmed it by removing the cam and noticed 2 lifters, 1&4 exhaust had a small wear area in the center of each lifter approx 3/8" in diameter. Some of the other lifters and a slight change in surface finish. I have changed out the cam and lifters along with reuseable bolts. In my haste I snapped a cam cap bolt due to overtorque. I contract Frank06 on tdiclub and ordered replacements. He sent them without payment, Thanks Frank. I can't wait to get home and get the car back together.:panic:
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I contract Frank06 on tdiclub
That's "franko6" (letter "o" - not the number "0")... and he's also a member here... fabulous reputation everywhere - especially for rescuing cylinder heads...

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