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Another Bites the Dust

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My first post and what a way to start. Well My 2005 Passat TDI had an increased vibration 12k miles after the BSM Upgrade. I read thru posts on Tdiclub and with all I had gleaned my stomach became very tense. Well I decided ok its my CV joints. I had replaced them with Raxles. That worked for about 5k miles them the vibration increased again. So I checked my cam and noted some loss of the bevel on a few lobes. Well I finally confirmed it by removing the cam and noticed 2 lifters, 1&4 exhaust had a small wear area in the center of each lifter approx 3/8" in diameter. Some of the other lifters and a slight change in surface finish. I have changed out the cam and lifters along with reuseable bolts. In my haste I snapped a cam cap bolt due to overtorque. I contract Frank06 on tdiclub and ordered replacements. He sent them without payment, Thanks Frank. I can't wait to get home and get the car back together.:panic:
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Oh, that doesn't sound fun. How did you extract the broken cam cap bolt?

FYI, if they are overtorqued, they'll clamp down on the camshaft too much. Way too much torque on the rocker bolts can even deform the caps and bearings.
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