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AHU/1Z into A2 swap

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What is needed for a AHU/1Z swap into an A2 body? I know that it should fit, is there a list of stuff I need to convert/mod/swap?
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Yes, it will fit. The later ALH+ motors won't fit without more serious modding. IMO, I would go with a AHU if you can find it, it has a few improvements over the 1z.

It will even fit into the mk1 cars but the pass side motor mount is different.

I think all the motor mounts are pretty much a bolt on affair, you need the ecu and wiring harness, the various sensors and pedal cluster, axles, it would be best if you had a donor car that has been hit in the rear.

You won't save much if any money on a swap, I would just buy an older mk3 car instead of swapping it unless you have some other reason why you want to keep the older car.
I think the above post explains the main idea, I don't have experience with this but remember that the pedal cluster must be changed because the car is all electric throttle. If you're going to swap an engine might as well do it with a more advanced engine than the older TD engine (pre-TDI)
I am looking at a cheap a2, not running, basically the guy is asking me to take it away for a few hundred and I was wondering the cost of the project. I've done some work but never an engine swap, if there was a FAQ or write-up on the details then I know I could do it.
Sorry, no FAQ but try searching through the vortex, I know that there have been a few swaps there.
I don't think anyone has a FAQ on it, thought I'd ask...t doesn't look like it's a very economical solution but i thought I 'd pick up a project car for fun
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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