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Aftermarket Front LCA rear bushing not lining up

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Hey All

Sorry for the newb post, been a forum troller for years on many many projects but always found such good how-to I've never actually needed to reach out so..thats cool lol

Trying to fit a "Mevotech" Supreme replacement LCA and when I slot the from bushing in, the rear looks as below..about 4-5mm off...

Tried hammering in the old bolt into the gap (cuz it has that wedge/flare on the end) to maybe get it to line up, but I didn't find success with some pretty hard hammer blows. Not wanting to wreck the bushing I stopped. But not before it flared the frame hole out a touch.

I didn't want to bore out the hole further but I feel like if I want this LCA to fit thats the only option?

I think a better option is just to return it and find an alternative?

I tried heating the old worn one to test softening up the rubber but it didn't seem to do anything.

I've emailed mevotech but this just came up.

I appreciate any suggestions!!

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Hard to say which is wrong car or part. Has it ever been in front end accident or taken a heavy blow? These are hydro stamped parts made with solid form tooling. Not to say they couldn't have reverse engineered the tooling from a bad part or started with an incorrect model, especially if made in some penny labor country. I think you're bet bet is trying for a return.
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Yes, thanks for sharing your experience good info. You would think they would want to get to the bottom of the problem you had.

But then again that would take a reputation worth not losing, work, honesty and concern for quality.
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They got all those pictures and then some extra ones of the new parts in the part store.

The only part that really scared me about hammering in or trying to move the arm further was the fact that the bushings probably would have been severely preloaded by the bolt holding it in place, and then set the weight on it and they're prolly just gunna fail right away, or have a reduced life anyway.

I was always taught to be super careful of preloading, but maybe thats just paranoia in this case.
I don't think you're being excessive. With as much side load as would be on that bushing and rubber to get it positioned in line, something would likely fail prematurely.
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