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hi everybody
my car used to fall into limp mode
so i checked all the vacuum lines and replaced them with new ones
checked the n75 vlave, and its workin as it should
so as adviced here in the site i took out the turbo
and cleaned it very well , and now it looks like new one from the inside
put everything back together and tried the car
now its like there is no turbo at all, i could hear the turbo whistling
and i rev up the engine
took the turbo back off again to make sure everythin was put back together as should be, everything was in a great shape
and vnt lever on the turbo moves freely with no problems
so i pust back the actuator again and installed the turbo on the car
still same problem
is it the actuator ??
the car was runnin fine before cleaning the turbo
it just would fall into limp mode a few time in a week
but now it like its permanent limp mode
could be the i need to adjust the vnt actautor ?
or did i do something wrong when puttin the turbo back together

the actuator rod when its on the turbo and installed on the car
should be all the way UP , or DOWN when u start the car ???

the car is a passat 01 pd 130hp
turbo is a garret unit


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I'm not sure if the European PD engines had smart vnt actuators, the one with the sensors. If it looked like the one in the writeup, watch the videos to see how it should move. If you didn't adjust the VNT actuator then it should be the same before you took it apart to clean it.

Can you move the vanes manually by hand easily and without binding? I think your post says yes.

Make sure the vac lines are all correct and not switched.

Look at the article on how to test the actuator, you use vaccum to test it and see how it holds.

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thnx for the reply
my pd turbo doesnt use any samrt actuators or sensors
its just like one in this site with a little difference from inside the turbo
but the actuator is definitely the same
and the vanes inside move just as the posted video in the writeup
after cleaning the turbo
the vac lines are all new and i dont think they were misplaced or switched
coz i changed them one by one
and yess i can move the vanes manualy with no bindin and no problems at all

actually this is what im concerned about, the actuator
its a pity that i dont have vacuum thingy to test it
but since the car was workin fine and would only fall into limp mode at times
i think the actuator is fine
i didnt play with it and didnt try to adjust it

a side question , when the car is off the actuator rod should be all the way UP or DOWN ??,, and when its runnin at idle it should be UP or DOWN ,,
i think answering this question would help me alot

and any ideas are very welcome , thank you very much

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With the car off, the actuator rod should be extended. When you apply vacuum it sucks it towards the can. There's a spring inside the can so when you release vacuum it pushes the rod back up. I don't want to say up or down because some engines the can is above the rod, some engines the can is below the rod, and I don't know what yours looks like.

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in mine the can is above the rod

do u think that i have actuator and vacuum related problem since the turbo was cleaned and the vanes lever were tested and fully working ?
and would this cause the car to be permanently in limp mode?
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