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Advice on lift pump for a B4?

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I am going to add a lift pump to my TDI here shortly. I was going to go with some standard aftermarket pump that puts out 10-15 psi. I was thinking about using the headlight circuit that turns on when the ignition is on...because I don't feel like cutting into the injection pump harness. I could always run a new wire off the fuse box with either a switch.

Just thinking out loud. Any advice is appreciated.
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I don't think the DRL is lit when the parking brake is on. Here is IDparts's install guide (their name used to be tdiparts)

http://www.idparts.com/downloads/PDLiftPumpInstallGuide_v1.5.pdf It's shown on a mk4 but it should give you some hints. FYI, there have been no writeup submissions this last period and if you do a step by step pictorial showing how you installed the lift pump and fixing any problems, it would probably win unless someone else submits something better before the end of the month. Requirements are clear, in focus pictures that show context and not a closeup of a bolt, bolt sizes, and tricks or tips, etc.
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