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Can anyone give me some advice on buying an Audi A4.
This is the model that I really like and have my mind set on but I don't know much about them. I have had a few VW Golfs over the years but I'm sure there are some differences between them and the Audi not to mention the age gap.

Im looking for something around 150bhp - 200bhp but would like to know which models of engines these are in a diesel and which ones are the most tuneable or easiest/safest to remap etc without causing any problems.

I'm looking at 2008 upwards with an approx price bracket of €3000 ‐ €7000 depending on the specs etc.

I would like to know a bit about the different engines that fall into this category and also if there front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive etc.

Reliability and common issues are something else I would like to know about along with how hard it is to find spare parts (from breakers/dismantlers) for the specific models that fall into this category.

If anyone can help me out with this I would appreciate it very much. Thanks
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