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Added coolant writeup direct links

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I think there may be an error in the part number at tdiparts regarding pink/purple G12 and G12+ coolant. Either way, they are compatible with each other and neither are compatible with green other other coolants so if you mix them it won't cause any problems.

Links to the writeups, I added a direct link to some vendors (no connection to me, just makes it easier to compare prices and find vendors)

mk3 cars

mk4 cars

Edit: WTF, I swear there are internet gremlins screwing up some links. I think it's a problem with the publishing software, links are fixed now.
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Links look good, I think the part numbers are correct. Try changing the clickable links from the vendor to the part number so people won't think it's just a link to the vendor.
It works for me.

What publishing software are you using? The format I see all looks pretty straightforward and simple.
An older version of frontpage. They discontinued frontpage anyways.

Among the most clicked buttons other than "sign in" is "skip flash intro", lol. I wanted the website to be bandwidth friendly, have as little bugs as possible, and easy to use/navigate. Organization of the info is key.
The 96-97 passat original fill was blue g11 as well which is not compatible with g12 or g12+.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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