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So i ran out of adblue on Monday (at this point, it read 300mi left and i planned on getting it topped off on during an oil change on Friday), tuesday it dropped from 300mi to 150, to 25, and then finally to 10...total driven 45mi. Pulled into a truck stop and refilled to the brim but the car did not register. Luckily i left it running and figured it would just need to be driven a little to reset everything, so i took it around the block only for the reader to drop to 0 with the fated no restart message.

Tried to reset ( car on, no engine turnover, gas pedal down for 30 seconds) and nothing, tried the hill trick (park on a hill to let gravity work on the def and the sensor) and nothing finally called my stealership and informed him the story, he answered back that it was "user caused damage" and running the def tank empty will always kill the pump, and i need a new one. Quoted parts and labor at $1400, no warranty.

The main question is, Is this remotely true? VW built a car that kills the DEF pump if its empty with over $1000 in repairs for something thats not even needed? If it is thats astounding that i can run out of fuel and be back on the road after AAA brings me diesel, but if i run out of piss for my car its a tow, 7 day repair, and $1400.

Are there any 3rd party/diy things i can try? i dont have $1400 for repair fees, let alone a couple hundred for VCDS....ive attempted the map but the two people close to me are seemingly out of the VW game, and i dont blame them.

2014 Passat 2.0 TDI, 95K mi
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