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Follow up to http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1986

I removed the identifying information and copied just the details of the TSB, it was kind of hard to read in jpg format. Some words were garbled so I just filled the missing words with educated guesses.

I can't make the number out clearly but it appears to be 20211834/1

Technical Service Bulletin: "Refill AdBlue" message shown in instrument cluster despite sufficient AdBlue levels.

Condition: "Refill AdBlue" message shown in the instrumnet cluster display despite sufficient AdBlue fluid within the passive and active tanks.

Technical Background: The proper tank adaptation steps are outline in the ElsaWeb Repair Manual instructions for filling the vehicle with AdBlue. Each time 1.5 (6 liters) or more of AdBlue is added to the system (during PDI or other service procedure), an adaptation must be performed. This condition will only occur if the instructions are not followed and the adaption step is ignored.

An adpation is require to ensure the sensor inside the active tank can correctly determine the AdBlue fulid level. Without this adaptation, the AdBlue warning indicators may prematurely activate. This will result in a no start condition if the 1,500 mile countdown is ignored.

Production Solution: Not applicable.

Service: Take photo of showing the "refill AdBlue" message and the vehicle mileage in the cluster.

Create a Technical Assistance Center ticket. Attach the photo to the ticket.

Top off the AdBlue fluid level using the steps outlined in the ElsaWeb Repair Manula. Take note of how much fluid was added to the system and include this information on the TAC ticket.

After topping off the AdBlue level, perform the level adaptation step using the VAS 5052 (or similar) scan tool.

In the tester, under Guided Fault Finding, select Powertrain>Engine>OBD>Engine Electronics J623>Engine Electronics functions.

Labor operations: Fill DEF AdBlue fluid using VAS 6542 reduction agent filling tool : 30 time units
Adapt reducing agent tank adaptation values through GF: 10 time units

Required Parts and Tools :
g 052 910 a4 : 10L Bulk DEF AdBlue fluid: quantity: 1-3 depending on fluid level of incoming vehicle
Tool number VAS 6542: reducing agent filling equipment (this is probably a fancy funnel with an adapter)

So it appears that you really do need to have the dealer reset the level or until VCDS has the option to do this adaptation.
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