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Acura TSX is out, diesel planned for next year

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This car looks great, I would seriously consider buying it depending on the mileage it gets. I've read that the diesel will get about 150 hp and 250 torque, that's pretty good, and Honda knows how to make an engine.
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You think that looks great?? Lol...It's odd looking at best. If they redid the front entirely it would look okay. The front reminds me of the battlestar galactica.
2nd, this would be a car that I would like to own but it's not very good looking. I know someone who owns the last gen TSX and it's a good car. But looking at the weight, it increased, 3300--->3500 lbs. That's got to hurt mileage. A similar Jetta would weigh 3200 lbs? The mk3 Jettas weigh about 2800 lbs. That much weight loss helps mielage A LOT but you lose out on a lot of creature and safety comforts.
Eh, I don't think it's that bad, I kind of like it. The style is definitely not German, it's strongly Japanese styling. Different strokes. But if the engine is a star then I would very much like the car.
They better offer it with a manual...kind of a cool vid on youtube of the i-dtec engine.

I'll buy it if the engine is chromed on the inside like that one :)
What a horrible looking car. It's got a catfish like look to the front bumper. At least I read that the 2.2L diesel is one of the best passenger diesels in Europe..
If it's easy to maintain and great on mileage, has some luxurious features, and the price is right, I might consider trading the Jetta for one.
If it comes with the same 70 mpg possible diesel engine in the euro civic diesel, it should be able to gt 60 in the TSX. Now that the TDI ratings are in teh suck 40s, this car could be a very good alternative.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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