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I found an interesting tidbit in VW literature and later verified it at the institute for highway safety: http://www.iihs.org/ratings/head_restraints/headrestraints.aspx?volkswagen

The 2005.5-2006 VW Jetta has active head restraints. These are headrests that mechanically tilt forward in the even of a rear crash.

2007-2008 the VW Jetta had passive head restraints. Their crash rating was downgraded. It looks like VW also removed the active head restraints from the 2007 Passat and Rabbit (Golf).

2009-2010, and I assume later, VW Jetta had passive head restraints that were permanently tilted forward. Their crash rating is now better than the earlier passive and active headrest cars. This was probably to get a better crash rating without spending money on the active headrests. This is why people complained that the headrests were too far forward. Someone commented that they flipped the headrests around to get them more comfortable but since I slouch, they were just right.

Probably for the same reason, I've never found VW's manual seats comfortable because the same lever controls tilt/height. The 96-97 Passats had separate levers and were very comfortable but after that I found I needed power seats which allow the separate adjustment. Other people say the manual seats are just right.
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