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Activating the hidden TPMS system (Canada)

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All US cars are equipped with TPMS by law but not so in Canada. However, if your car has a compatible ABS module, you can still activate the TPMS. The correct way is to add the TPMS Reset button but if you have VCDS you can just use that to reset it. As long as your tire pressure doesn't go bad you won't have to reset it.

Many thanks to logger from this Australian forum: http://www.vwwatercooled.org.au/f11...-pressure-monitoring-5-minutes-7k6-50164.html for finding this and letting me use the screenshots and Keithuk for pointing it out in this thread http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f19/2011-golf-models-have-abs-based-tpms-system-3056/#post17478 .

It's confirmed to work with the control module shown in the screenshots. The demo car was a mk6 Golf. http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a6/activate-tpms-system-vw-golf.htm I also checked the coding on a 2010 mk5 Jetta and I believe it will work but the test car wasn't driven so I can't confirm it.

If you currently have sensor based TPMS and want to switch to an ABS based system (like if your sensor batteries died or if you want to use winter wheels), my best guess is that you can do it if your control module is compatible. However, this is just a guess. The sensor based TPMS system resides in its own module. The ABS based system resides in the ABS module. This way you can keep a functional TPMS system to comply with the law and keep the light off.

As stated in the writeup, do not disable the TPMS system or TPMS light if equipped. It's illegal to do so and disabling this required safety system exposes you to big liability if your car is in an accident.
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swapping from direct to indirect tpms sensors

Well, I had another look at a 2010 Jetta and I believe that you can switch to the indirect TPMS system. I didn't have the correct label file and we didn't test drive the car so I didn't want to play with it more but the instructions have been added to the FAQ article.
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