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I have an 91 Jetta that came with what is termed an AAZ (industrial) 1.9TD VW engine ( made in Mexico - how do I know? I looked and looked for anything "German" but only found Mexico on the most upper outer passenger firewall side of engine block right there where the head meets and close to the timing belt ). It is the industrial engine because I took the rods (( which are longer ) and pistons ( which are shorter ) compared to the German AAZ non industrial - engine rods and pistons) out and measured them. Now initially the Jetta was an ECO Diesel so the PO just swapped everything over from the 1.6TD onto 1.9TD long block. The Jetta seemed to rap out quickly with industrial components - and had modest amount of power with seemingly a fair amount of torque.

So I first installed the German pistons with matting rods keeping everything as previously mentioned to see if I could notice a difference! In actuality the Jetta was not as torquey (which is what I expected) nor did it seem to have as much power. Next in place of the 1.6TD injection pump I installed an honest to goodness AAZ injection pump - one that is adjustable by varying the position of injection pump pulley onto pump itself verses moving the whole pump back and forth and wow that woke up this Jetta!

But at TDC I adjusted the pump's static timing at 0.80mm. Does anyone know for sure if this is the correct setting or not? because when I got it running it seem to idle ok but when I started to rev it up it clanged and clacked so loud that I thought the valves were hitting the pistons but apparently not due to the correct and proper timing having been done with the crank and cam shafts also after it warmed up then when revving the clanging/clacking went away - now it still is a bit hard starting once when warm unless I pull out start lever which in affect advances the timing - so I got to wondering if yes my static timing was correctly set? Does anyone know for sure what it is supposed to be and or can anyone lead me to a step by step procedure of tuning - adjusting - and tweaking this pump? I looked in the FAQ section to no avail.
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