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last weekend I changed the vacuum unit of my turbo charger.

Car: A6 4F 2010 Motorcode CAHA (170 PS)
Turbocharger: BorgWarner KKK 03L 145 701 E
I've ordered the original Borg Warner Vacuum Unit:SMK306018

During the replacement I was trying to exaclty take over the positions of the nuts, but it seems that it was not exact enought.
Now the turbocharger is much too late. It takes 3-4 seconds until the right turbo load / pressure is present.

How can I finetune this vacuum unit? Is there any guide on how to adapt it?
I found some of the manuals to adjust other vacuum units with the 0.76V on one side and the 3.3V-3.9V on the other side, can I follow the same?
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