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A3 TDI with Quattro?

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Anyone know why Audi won't offer a quattro version for A3 TDI? Is it cost related or something else?
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Emissions and cost to develop and the additional sale price. The engine would most likely need Adblue fluid to meet emissions and it would add to the cost to develop.
If you live in a major city, I can't see 4WD being of much use in this car when compared to the drawbacks...
When I was in Ingostadt and asked why no quattro TDI they were surprised it was not offered in the US. It is in Europe. One comment from VOA was that it would reduce the MPG by 2 and they would lose the "impact" of high mileage. That, if true, is silly since you could still advertise the non quattro mileage. Let the buyer decide on that issue and on cost. Here in Wisconsin quattro with 4 snow tyres is the way to go. I am going over again this May and get a gasoline quattro.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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