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Hello everyone. Sorry if this issue has been discussed previously on here, but I am having difficulty finding info on fault code 01598. Audi replaced my battery, but the problem returned a week later. Took it back to Audi, and they cannot find any codes. However I am still getting 01598 with obdeleven. Intermittent high idle (1000 rpm) + power loss when braking (lights dim). And now my turn signals are malfunctioning. Battery is reading 13.8 normally, but dips to 13.2-13.3 when acting up. I am afraid this voltage issue might be damaging other components. Not much of a mechanic, just wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue. Not driving it until I can get into a shop now. Thanks for reading

Here are 3 other faults I was getting before the battery swap. Not sure if they could be related

U1017 (ABS brake control module / Read out DTC / intermittent)
00446 (Function Limitation due to Insufficient Voltage / Intermittent)
00668 (Vehicle Voltage Terminal 30 / Upper Limit Exceeded / Intermittent)
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