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I've recently purchased an "51" Audi A3 TDI SE 130. The day after i purchased it i was driving along when the coolant warning light came on. I pulled into a petrol station to check but the water was full. After that it refused to start cutting off as soon as it cranked.

I had the RAC guy out when it initially broke down, he managed to get it started diagnosing it as an ignition switch/barrell issue. He didn't really do much other than wiggle the key to get it started though, something which i've tried again and again since it refused to. Just before it broke down the speedo unit was flashing randomly and sometimes not working at all.

Next morning i started the guy, it drove ok but the speedo unit wasnt working at all. I switched off the car around 10 minutes later and it hasnt started since. I try to start but it cuts off immediately.

I've been looking online to see what it might be when the Immo2 troubleshooting guide brought me to these forums. Im just looking to a little assistance as to what it may be as it's going to be going a garage to go on a diagnosis machine shortly which i hope will clear matters up a little more :)

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This sounds like a nightmare. A bad ignition switch could very well cause these symptoms but the obvious question is what error codes are there when the car is scanned? This will help you narrow down what is wrong.

If the immobilizer light is on the immobilizer is active. If it's not on, it's not being caused by the immobililzer.
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