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A question for 2010 A3 TDI owners

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I've got one on order, with delivery scheduled for the last week of Feb. and I had a question about the audio system. My A3 will have Bose & satellite, but no RNS-E, CD changer, or AMI. I'm looking to add the Dension Gateway 300 to allow me to use a USB stick to play MP3s.

I'd like to preserve the satellite functionality once I install the Dension -- to do that, I need a bypass cable. However, there is a question about which bypass cable is appropriate. Basically I need to know whether I can do all the wiring behind the dash, or if I have to run a cable from the sat receiver in the hatch all the way to the dash; that'll probably make the difference between installing it myself or having someone else do it.

Could someone who already has a 2010 A3 TDI with Bose & without RNS-E take a look to see if there is pre-wiring for a CD changer in or near the glovebox? I'll forward any results to Enfig so that future A3 owners may benefit.
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