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I have no refrigerant in my TDI A/C system, there was a leak that I already fixed at the bottom of the 2 aluminum A/C pipes, I replaced the 2 O-rings and now I need to put some refrigerant 134A I think it is,, I have seen those refrigerant can with 134A from Wall mart that they sell, ( I believe they have like 640 oz.in a can)

In the front of the TDI car says like 750 KG refrigerant capacity,, does anyone know how many cans of 640 oz. it will take into the A/C TDI system and if it is the right stuff to put in there? thanks ahead for all your replies.

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I'm not an AC person but I do know that the TDI system is not one that you want to DIY. This is because there's no sight glass to see when the system is full. And while 134A is 134A, some brands just seem to work better than others.

The main issue is that too low pressure or too high pressure and the system won't work right. If you were to DIY, I believe that the best way to do it would be to empty the entire system and then fill it from scratch. I think there are environmental laws against releasing the refrigerant into the air and it's not something you want to breathe in either.

Edit: found this link which discusses filling the system from empty


Going through the whole thread, other people also suggest going to a pro since they can vacuum evac the system and have the proper tools and gauges.
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