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I have a 2012 Passat highline estate. This came without any Bluetooth unit, and i purchased a 9w7 unit with harness etc.
Fitted this, and ALMOST everything works. I have phone-button om RNS-510 working, telephonelist imported ok, getting telephone calls up in MFD ok.
BUT, the "telephone" button on the right side of steeringwheel is dead. I have to answer with the "OK" button on the right side. Also hanging up has to be done with the OK button.
The "Voice" button will only command the radio/navi, and not the telephone.
I found a description on how to code this at the moment i purchased the 9w7 and bookmarked it, but the link is now broken.
As i remember i had to code 2 different things (1 to get "steeringwheel switches" and 2 to get voice??)
Anyone have this recipie?

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