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98 AHU - which side of intake and exhaust gaskets face towards the head?

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I am putting on the exhaust and intake manifolds on my 98 Jetta TDI

AHU engine

with the exhaust gaskets ( 4 of them ) they have a metal surface ( like tin ) and a composite surface on the opposite side - which surface goes towards the head?

And with the one intake gasket on one side is the Victor name as well as a lip ( convex ridge ) and the opposite side has the convex ridge or lip - which side goes towards the head?

I researched my Bentley manual and I did not find any help.
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intake gasket raised surface faces the intake manifod

not sure about the exhaust gaskets but there is no gasket between the turbo and manufold. If I had to guess, I would put the raised side facing the manifold. Bentley doesn't say which side faces which.
Ok right raised side of intake goes towards intake manifold now you were talking about the exhaust I think and mentioned that your guess would be raised ? but exhaust does not have raised portion did you mean metal side ? towards exhaust manifold?
On the exhaust gasket I am thinking of putting the tin or metal side towards the block because it would be the most durable to withstand heat and then put the composite side towards the exhaust manifold where its shape would bit into the gasket helping create a better seal - ? what do you think ?
The composite side goes toward the head on ALH engines, not sure though on this one. I'm guessing that the metal side will slide against the expansion of the manifold. Even still, as long as it's secure I don't think there'll be a leak.

Edit: yes, I just checked the ALH manual, and even that one just says "note installation position"!
Exhaust gasket - by srheer, for the AHU engine the composite side faces the exhuast manifold and the tin side faces the head.
Shouldn't the service manual show how it goes on?
It should but the Bentley Manual only mentions the direction and how the intake gasket goes and not the exhaust!t

However I have found out for sure that yes the tin or metal side does indeed go towards the head and the composite side goes towards the exhaust manifold - in looking at the head one could switch these gaskets around but in looking at the manifold there is only one way they can fit on if one matches the contour of the gasket with that of the manifold. Two do go upside down in relation to the other side but one really should not get them on backwards in that it would be an abnormal or non symmetrical fit to do so!
No gasket

Hi Chitty. I'm a little confused. You said there is no Turbo to manifold gasket but I've seen them online. I pulled my head and it didn't have one. The local dealer said he didn't see one and Carquest doesn't list one either. I see one on ebay (and only one) and yahoo imagaes has pics of them. i was thinking the person who worked on it before me forgot to put one on. :ugh
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