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I'm a new member as well and I have 2 TDI's the one is a 97 Jetta I've had for 2 years and I've done several repairs on ( timing belt, w/p, and finally replaced the engine @245K
now it runs great and averages 51 MPG, I do get a flashing engine oil light from time to time with
no real pattern to it. sometimes it's when I first take off with it and sometimes it's after I've driven for 100 miles.
I have to shut it down and restart it to get it to stop! O yes i've tried to find the source but all seems well with it but the light and beep! I live in west central Minnesota
My other TDI is a 02 Jetta that I'm doing some required repairs on, TB, WP etc.
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Have you checked the oil temp sensor? There are 2 oil sensors on top of the oil filter housing. Maybe you have a loose sensor there. My sensor actually went bad and started leaking through the top of the sensor where the tab sticks out.

Post moved to mk3 section because it's more of a technical question.
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